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Sugar wins "Ads Are Better Rich" Competition

Sugar has won the 2018 Fairfax “Ads Are Better Rich” Competition and we have cracked the champagne to celebrate the win. Producing a Celtra ad to promote our agency, we decided to go against the grain and create a fun ad unit that activates motion tracking and 3-d mapping. Coupling this concept with 3 fun games to explore our services and company story, we designed a unique ad unit that inspired users to learn more about our agency.

Big congratulations to all participants and Fairfax for promoting this great competition, pushing the boundaries in mobile advertising. Here at Sugar we are excited to create ad units that engage our clients audiences through gamification, Augmented reality and brand storytelling.

Here’s to the next wave of inspired rich media digital ad creative!

To view our winning ad unit click here

Thank you to the Fairfax Media team!

Thank you to the Fairfax Media team!

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