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Exploring Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality & future application


It seems every company and brand is exploring how they can utilise Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality to tell their story and connect audiences with engaging experiences and propositions. Whilst we are seeing some amazing executions and experiences I believe the questions that begs answering before undertaking a VR/AR project is “Utility”.

What problem is being solved and is VR/AR the best execution for the experience. The question of utility is pertinent because as powerful and emotive as these technologies can be they are simply wasted without a solid use case. Taking the users on journey where they come away with a profound learning or emotive shift is where this technology can really connect a brand or company with user. With this is mind we have collated some best in class project that really consider the audience and how they can be egnaged and activated.

McDonalds Happy Meal goggles VR: This fun and simple experience engaged children to both create the goggles out of the box and play the game painting the virtual 3d box.

Mcdonals VR.jpg

Ogilvy : VR vaccination: Ogilvy nailed this brief completely changing the experience for children recieving thier vaccines. Changing a fearful experience into a joyeus one is not and easy task but Ogilvy utilised Virtual Reality perfectly to entertain and engage.


“VR can leave a powerful impact on society, behaviour & change. It will inevitably become mainstream once correct utility is paired with the technologies demand.”

Here at Sugar we are now exploring the Augmented reality landscape and how we can best utilise it to engage and inspire our publsihers and clients users. Recently we created a quick game to promote the release of Robin Hood. Whilst this ad unit is not purely AR in the next few months we will be releasing ad units within the VR and AR space and are excited to share our experiences and projects.